Investors don't fund products.

Especially when it comes to health.

Because even though you're developing the next game-changing molecule or AI-based software, healthcare investors need to get behind more than your creation. They need to get behind your company.

Your vision. Your mission.

In a word, your corporate brand.

Was Apple just another piece of tech? Or a company on a crusade to redefine computing?

Was Nike a sneaker? Or a company with a rallying cry to "Just do it"?

Early investors were intrigued by the product. But convinced by the company.

Corporate brands have purpose. Tell a story.

They have a calling. They're often on a crusade.

And most important, brands are marketable.

What's your corporate brand?

We're Trubridge Health.

The branding specialists that help biotech and health startups win the hearts and minds of potential investors.

We crystallize company and product strategy. Create powerful brand identity. And give a small company everything it needs to make a big impression: corporate narrative, visual and graphic identity including logo, PowerPoint design, corporate websites and videos.

In short, we design the suit of clothes a startup can wear for the most important job of all: Raising capital.

We eat, sleep and breathe branding. It's in our blood.

And, we have special pricing packages for small companies with big plans for the future.

Let's talk about what we can do for you.

Trubridge Health President and Chief Strategist Dean Schwartz here.


  • Corporate Identity

    Positioning and narrative
  • Corporate Branding

    Naming and logo design
  • Graphic Design

    Stationary, email and PowerPoint templates
  • Web Development

    Website design, copywriting and programming
  • Investor Presentations

    Graphics, copywriting and presentation caching
  • Investor Communications

    Search, CRM and social media communications
    Investor Presentations

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Start-up Branding Packages Include:

  • Corporate Positioning
  • Identity Statement
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
    • Stationary
    • Powerpoint Template
    • Email Template
  • Website
  • eBrochure
  • Style Guide

Trubridge Health

Dean Schwartz
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